Sometimes You Just Want to Say Thank You #TDThanksYou

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Sometimes You Just Want to Say Thank You #TDThanksYou

Most of us have heard of random acts of kindness, and I’m sure many of us have been involved in such an act to at least some extent. However, have you ever heard of an establishment such as a bank taking the time to say “thank you” and show how much they appreciate their customers? Just imagine how much this brightened everyone’s day. How long has it been since you did something nice for someone who was not expecting it? Let’s pay it forward!

We here at A-1 challenge each of you to get involved in some random act of kindness this weekend. It could be as grand as buying coffee for the person behind you or helping an elderly person load their groceries into their car at the store, or as simple as calling an older relative whom you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Regardless of scale, we challenge you to get involved in some way, and let us know about it! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Video brought to you by the humorous, fun-loving, awesome people at A-1 Auto Unlock who think that just because you lock your keys out of your car and need a locksmith doesn’t mean you don’t need to laugh once in a while.

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A1AutoUnlock Locksmith and Roadside AssistanceA-1 Auto Unlock wants to say thank you.  We know you have choices and we appreciate every time you give us the opportunity to take care of you.



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