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Roadside Safety and Best Practice Tips from A-1 Auto UnlockLocksmith Madison, MS

Safety should be your first priority whether you’re a male or a female. Getting stranded on the side of the road is not fun and at times may not even be safe.  A-1 Auto Unlock wants to help you any time you need it but we also want to make sure you’re safe when we arrive.  Here are some tips when stranded from a flat tire or you’ve ran out of gas or when waiting on roadside assistance for any reason.

Roadside Safety Tips:

  • Stay in your car (if it’s not in the middle of the road).  If you have a flat, sit on the opposite side.  This makes sure you’re not putting unnecessary weight on the rim.
  • If you’re in the middle of traffic try to get your car to a parking lot or at least the side of the road.
  • Call someone.  It’ll make you feel more comfortable and if anyone is approaching you that makes you uncomfortable you can give the person on the other end a description.
  • A-1 Auto Unlock will bring you 5 gallons of gas.  Please don’t get in a vehicle with a stranger to take you to the gas station.
  • For your safety, If you must get out of your car please stand on the side away from the street.  Especially highways, interstates and freeways.
  • Always ask for proper identification.

Locksmith Madison, MSWhat about locking your keys in your car, truck or semi?  Usually when you’ve locked your keys in your car it’s because you were at a business or another residence.  In the event the resident is home or the business is still open, A-1 Auto Unlock suggests going back in and call a locksmith.  If it’s late the nothing is open around you, here are some safety tips.


Roadside Safety tips for when you lock your keys out of your car:

  • Call a locksmith immediately.  Having one in your phone is best so that you’re not trying to get cell or wi-fi service to use your browser.
  • Call a friend that will talk to you till help arrives.
  • If the area your car is in is not well lit, please walk to an area with good lighting that’s close enough to still see your car.
  • Don’t bring attention to yourself.
  • When a locksmith arrives, ask for identification and do not hang up the phone till you are certain the person helping you is legitimate.

Whether you use A-1 Auto Unlock for your locksmith or roadside assistance needs or not, our number one priority is your safety.  We are here if and when you need us!

More great safety tips:

There are many more great tips on Road America.  Great tips for traveling with children, weather hazards and more.

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